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Liquorice Tiramisù

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Recipe Overview

This recipe is better if allowed to rest for several hours so plan ahead! This recipe uses the Italian approach (Replacing the Pavesini with sponge fingers as a practial measure for us in the UK). Tiramisù alla liquirizia is very popular in Italy!

liquorice tiramisu recipe


  • 150g sponge fingers (Pavesini if you have an Italian delicatessen locally)
  • 200ml Double Cream
  • 50ml liquorice liqueur (Or to personal taste)
  • 3 eggs – split into yolks and whites
  • 500ml full fat milk
  • 2 tsp Dark cocoa powder (Or to personal taste)
  • 5 tbsp golden caster sugar
  • 2 tbsp coffee granules
  • 500g Mascarpone
  • 5 tsp Amarelli liquorice powder
  • Fresh mint to garnish (Optional)


    1. Find a dish that will hold two or three layers of the sponge fingers placed next to each other and put it to one side.
    2. Beat the egg yolks with 3 tablespoons of the sugar until it is creamy. Then add the mascarpone, the whipped cream and the egg whites and beat until stiff.
    3. Heat the milk in a small saucepan, add the remaining sugar (2 tablespoons) and add 1 teaspoon of the liquorice powder. Remove from the heat, add the coffee and stir until dissolved. Finally stir in the liquorice liqueur. Let it cool a little.
    4. Dip a few of the sponge fingers into the saucepan at a time (Very briefly!) turning for a few seconds until they are nicely soaked, but not soggy. Place these in a layer in the dish. Spread over half or a third of the mascarpone (Depending on how many layers the dish holds). Sprinkle with a teaspoon of liquorice powder.
    5. Repeat the process in the previous step to the remaining layers. Finally, top with a good dusting of the cocoa powder.
    6. Before serving, leave the tiramisu to rest in the fridge for several hours. Fresh mint leaves make a nice garnish!

    Before serving, leave the tiramisu to rest in the fridge for several hours. Fresh mint leaves are a perfect garnish.

    This can keep for up to two days in the fridge but is best served within 24 hours.


    Permission to reproduce this recipe has been provided by Amarelli with our thanks.

    Liquorice Tiramisù recipe UK



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