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After seeing ‘how do they do it?’ on TV. I was interested in this brand. It’s tasty, not as harsh as I thought it might be. (Being from a generation that remembers Imps) and I think the anise adds to the flavour. I enjoyed it, shall buy again but I have three different boxes to get thru yet. And you have to be careful with liquorice!

So close to divine...

without an exotic silk Persian carpet to fly away on, these are a short cut to heaven... And back? Well, less of a joy - they’ve all gone.

Haha, we love this. Thank you :-)

Liquorice flavoured Gums

These reminded me so much of the rectangle shaped gums we used to get from the little shop near my grandparents house. They are very nice.

First class liquorice

A perfect product made the traditional way with no fillers of any kind. I was motivated to buy it after seeing the production process on "How it's Made". Perfectly wrapped and sent post haste. Very pleased.

Venco Topdrop – Hard Salty Liquorice Rolls (Four Rolls)
Shaun B.

Venco Topdrop – Hard Salty Liquorice Rolls (Four Rolls)

Very moreish

Lovely taste, not too salty or string but strong enough. Usually the 1st to go in my house. Lovely


The mango one was my favourite, surprisingly!

Worth the shipping price to the US!

Had trouble finding these in the US, so I ordered from Licorice Heaven. They shipped very promptly the next business day, and I had them in hand before the week was out. Will definitely be using Licorice Heaven again!

As for the candy, it's great. There's a good mix of salty licorice and sweeter, creamier licorice with caramel notes that are more familiar for a US consumer like me. If you're interested in salty licorice - or if you already like it but don't want to commit to an entire bag - this is a perfect middle ground.

fast delivery, no hassle, would definitely order again

Only problem is I ate it all and ran out !

Definely heaven . Turned up on time . Great store for a liquorice lover

Good Taste

This is an excellent
To stock. It’s very tasty and a nice texture. As most of these things they disappear a bit quickly though.

Really nice mix

For those with a sweet tooth, these liquorice tubes are hard to stop eating!

My favourite sweet in the world

Great ! Fast postage, well packaged. Just need to stop myself eating too many 😌

These things are insane!

What can I say, I love salty liquorice and got a few of these in the the "super salty mix" on my last order.... yes very good indeed and will be making a future purchase of these and the skull bubs.... they are proper face twisters lol

My favourites

Zouts hard liquorice diamonds have the best taste of any others I’ve tried. They store really well and are just the right shape and size.

I bought this item for my daughter's birthday. There are her favourite sweets. I hope she shares I like them too.


A lovely taste of chocolate orange but with the added liquorice in the centre. Will buy again.

Double Delicious

Perfect large pot of chocolate liquorice