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Mum loved them

My mum loves liquorice and says that Lakrids are the best she's ever tasted. A very reliable birthday gift


So love the mix of liquorice and gummy fruits. Excellent service. Will be purchasing again.


Would like more, for the price it cost

Nice… but go for the real thing

Liquorice Heaven have so many varieties… this assembly line product does not pack the punch of the real stuff…

Delicious mild salmiak flavor

A nice addition to the selection available.

Better than Comfits

First time trying these and I much prefer them over the sugary liquorice comfits we are accustomed to in the UK. The crunchy peppermint shell works in harmony with the slightly salty inner liquorice. Hard to put these down!

Exactly as described. Goes a long way

Fabulous liquorice

Delicious hit and balance of coffee and chocolate and liquorice

Saltiest liquorice ever

So nice! Love it! The saltier the better! The only down side is the price. It’s so expensive.

One of my favorites

As a Dane, this is what i grew up with… very salty but so good.

It’s been given as a gift

Absolutely delicious

I have never been disappointed by a Haupt Lakrits liquorice selection, and while these were absolutely delicious and my mum loved them (which is good as it was a Mother's Day gift!) I found that they weren't really for my palate... I'm instead addicted to the Ultra Violet flavour and miss the 'Eat Your Greens' rosemary flavour!!

So yummy!

Best liquorice ever!

Quite special

If you like lemons and liquorice with a twist on top - this is for you !!


Smooth transaction and really enjoyed the product.


Sorry not tasted yet as they are an easter present but they look good


versatile and everything it promised

Great quality and taste

Love this liquorice. All the flavours are delicious.

Great nutty liquorice

These are awesome, and a bit of a change to my favourite Lakrids. Love the mix of flavours and textures. Only downside is the cost, which means they become just an occasional treat.

Too salty

Not for me.

Beautiful product and fantastic service

My wife has loved these as a Mother’s Day gift, suggesting the liquorice is the best she’s ever had. The service from Liquorice Heaven was also fantastic, with free delivery in a couple of days after order. Very pleased all round.

Delicious Raspberry

Absolutely loved these sweets,at times too much so.


Love this licorice. Delicious.

You'll pay a bit more

PayPal issue was not with your company, as clearly stated in original review.
Amarelli's Bastoni faulty packaging, of which I had sent a video to demonstrate, was not acknowledged by your company. Liese was very dismissive of the fact, and attempted to deny the problem, as detailed by the last email received at the time. Hence my ceasing to purchase from LH.
As I say, this purchase was an emergency. Thanks, again.

Hi Lorri

Apologies, we weren't clear. The paypal issue is something that currently intermittently affects ecommerce websites using the Shopify platform. Both of our websites use Shopify. If you have this issue again, wait a few hours and then you will be able to complete your purchase with them.

We communicated youre issue with Amarelli regarding the packaging. They were not in a position to change the packaging based on your complaint. We have since ceased selling the product. If in future we believe that they have resolved the intermittent packaging seal failures then we will re-introduce it, unfortunately we are not the manufacturer so we are unable to do more.