Liquorice Heaven Reviews

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Our favourite

We discovered the Klepper & Klepper brand in The Netherlands a while ago, and are very pleased that Liquorice Heaven makes it easily available here. This is a lovely liquorice, and the Mildzout kind is our favourite, though the new Pittig Zout is also up there.

Fabulous mix

The bag didn’t last very long 😁it was all too nice 😊👍

Lovely mix

Thoroughly enjoyed 👍😊👌🏻

It's... salty.

This is a bit full on and I generally like the salty ones. Could take me a while to get through but maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Great selection

I ordered two bags of Liquorice and both were amazing! A great selection of different sweets and full bags! Will definitely order again!

Ok to try

And I'm as always a huge fan of the salmiak flavour but not so much keen on the rest. Don't like the piece of hard liquorice in the middle I have to admit


As expected another quality product!

Taste of heaven

A delicious combination of mint and liquorice.

Sour Swedish Raspberry & Liquoirice Watches

Nice but sour element could be a little stronger

Soooo good

The best combo ever. Perfectly balanced caramel, chocolate, licorice and salt 😊


Quality chocolate with salt and licorice pieces. So good 😊

Lovely and fruity

I thoroughly enjoyed this fruity liquorice rock and would have no hesitation in buying again. Service was superb.

Mint alsorts

I believed l was buying mint alsorts so disappointed only one type included. However has now satisfied my craving for them.


These are wonderful. Soft chewy and so moreish. They didn't last long. The combination of licorice and sweet cream flavour was a perfect treat. It's a good jo I only bought a small packet as I couldn't stop eating them.

Liquorice Zing!

Each Spezzatina pellet is the perfect way to add a little zing to your day!


I hadn’t realised the liquorice was sweet. Not for me.

Very nice

Really nice, shame they are a too expensive for anything but an occasional treat.


Lovely flavour and nicely spicy.


These ginger gums were great, everybody loved them. Super fast delivery an added bonus

Maxilin Classic Flyers – Liquorice Tubes With Fruity Sherbet Crystals

Dutch drop

We are enjoying the Dutch drop.
Ordering was easy and delivery was on time.

liquorice caramels

proboblly one of the nicest sweets ive tasted


Small and with a delicate hint of salmiak. Pocket sized too so can be eaten on the go

My Perfect Licorice

These have the perfect blend of saltiness and rich licorice flavor.