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Smells incredible, tastes wonderful too

This is not a difficult review to write. On opening the bag, the powerful scent leapt out at me and it just screams liquorice. It's very strongly liquorice flavoured and absolutely perfect in a hot chocolate. It does gel on contact with water so needs time to dissolve into the liquid but this doesn't take long. Highly recommend and can't wait to explore more recipes to use it.

Beautiful tin, liquorice smells amazing

I absolutely adore liquorice and was so excited to receive this order. The tin is beautiful and the liquorice within smells incredible. I haven't used it yet as I'm trying to make it last a while, but I have no doubt that it tastes just as wonderful as it smells.

Enjoyed the saltyness

Never had them and I really liked them. They are nice and not too salty for my taste.

Nice surprise!

This is the first time I tried these and I reallyy liked tehm. My wife is not really fond of the salty liquorice and she really liked these. Half the bag was gone before I knew it. next time I will need to buy a bigger bag :)

Really enjoy these

on occasions i have to order a Kg bag of these to remind me what I have been missing. Really nice!

not only fabulous but also marvellous

Another sensational mixture to my taste buds working through the layers, first a blackcurrent burst, then smooth chocolate follewd by a delicious piece of liquorice all with a hint a salt running through.


I have ordered so many packets of these they are amazing would recommend mint and liquorice perfect

Birthday Delight

Bought along with four other types as a birthday present. Recipient was delighted.

A matter of taste?

These are dangerous. Soft and tasty, with a bit of a crust, you may find you eat one after the other. Nice for beginners, too, I think. One little gripe: these are sweetish rather than salty - a matter of taste, but only four stars for that reason.

Dutch mini comfits

Mini comfits were great as was the other liquorice, so tasty. Great service very quick dispatch and good communication. Many thanks.
Regards, Gary.

Divine Gift For Liquorice Lovers.

Each time I buy this as a gift, I have to buy some for me! It is simply delicious and irresistible. It comes in a lovely container and is delivered quickly. Great company that now I have discovered I will be using for years to come.


Fantastic violet taste followed with the white chocolate sensation and the delicious liquorice.

Delicious Lakrids liquorice

This product is a liquorice-lovers dream; intense flavour and soft texture. It really is one to savour as a treat, I love buying it as a gift or for myself

Happy chomper

Bought a selection for my husband for his birthday. Very happy with the choice and all came well packaged. Notification sent when despatched. All good.

Super strong, super tasty

Absolutely delish. The espresso of salty licorice.

Best I've ever had.

These are unbelievable. Will be ordering more for sure.

Not as good as the older version

I am a huge fan of the tin box full of boiled licorice. These sticks probably are a lot cheaper the make and package but they aren’t quite the same taste to me. Still, they are very good.

Good mix

Took me a minute to get used to. But I liked it!! Fun mix of liquorice and jelly sweet

Very good but...

The cakes were good but not really as tasty and "natural" tasting as the ones you can still buy in markets in and around Pontefract.
The service from Liquorice Heaven is absolutely 1st class, as usual.

Love them

I love the drop toffee, just how I remember them!

Amarelli Favette 20g Tin - Italian Pure Liquorice Flavoured With Mint


A tasty treat and a reasonable selection of various kinds of liquorice. My only grumble is that there were rather too many partijdrop (small, hard, menthol-flavoured drop) in the mix.
Processing of order and delivery, as always with Liquorice Heaven, were top-notch.

Hi CB. Thanks for letting us know. We can only assume that the mixing wasn't as thorough as usual for some reason - please accept our apologies and we have taken the feeback on board. We will email you separately to make sure you are happy.


This is pure liquorice and is really nice. Thumbs up from me and my husband.

Crave Strong Licorice

Love the coating on the chocolate. A good alternative to Lakrids by Bülow. A must for licorice fans.

Very more-ish!

These are absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny, and you get a beautiful tin too!