Liquorice Heaven Reviews

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Pretty dam good.

Ima buy more soon, enough said really.

Too tasty!

I'm having to limit myself to just 2 of these a day, otherwise the entire pot would be gone in about a week. Words can't do justice to just how tasty these are.


My purchases arrived very quickly, as promised, had been well-packed, and I will definitely use LH again! Thank you!

Such nice gifts

Not given them to recipient yet but they just look like such a nice gift!


Best i have for a long time love the bar best thank you

Very good

Tiny strong licorice and aniseed pastilles. Lovely after a meal and I have been told they are great for public speaking. Also, helpful for coughs, - but mainly simply yummy!


I love these little licorice and salmiak sweets. The saltiness cuts through the sweetness of the licorice.

Surprised how good these are

New to me, but a very nice surprise. Just the right combination of the hard liquorice on the outside and the sweet tangy salmiak. Highly recommended.

Good balance

A good balance of chocolate and liqorice. Good quality chocolate.

Absolutely delicious

Just the right hint of ginger, you still taste the liquorice. Good quality chocolate.


Oh my goodness ! These are divine! Can't believe something so yummy can be gluten free. The only drawback is they are extremely moreish!!


Excellent service, prompt and efficient, the liquorice comfits reminded us of our youths

Huge Hit!

Bought for a birthday and the liquorice lover was impressed as were the rest of us! Crunchy very minty outside contrasting with a strong hit of liquorice in the middle. Tiny pieces which were enough. Although disappeared very quickly.

Four stars because the brand is good quality and I have had many jars from them. This flavour however didn’t really do it for me. I tried for a change but its not salty enough as the white chocolate dominates. Not a bad liquorice but overall underwhelming.

Great liquorice

Love the distinct but not overpowering taste of aniseed with this product.
Italian liquorice is the best in my opinion.

Wonderful combination of flavours

The contrast of the sweet white chocolate, raspberry and sweet liquorice is truly fantastic. In fact, I bought the largest tub!

Sweet liquorice at it’s very best!

This is my favourite sweet liquorice. Perfect amount of sweetness for my taste. Perfect texture. Buy with confidence.


For those serious about liquorish this is the real deal. Wonderful Stuff

Love these

As tasty as they are colourful….

A little treat to keep in the car.

Delicious and full of flavour, these little sweet pillows are just the thing to give you a liquorice kick. The tin is a delight. So pretty.

nostalgia in a sweet

Back in the early 2000s M+S sold a sweet that had a vanilla foam base and topping of liquorice. I have craved these over the years since and tried these to see if they matched my memory, they really do! An absolute favourite and takes me back to those carefree days.

Spicy taste of heaven

The combination of salt liquorice and chilli really works! I wasn't sure about the mix of salt liquorice with the sweetness of the chocolate but that addition of the spicy chilli makes the magic happen!

Kuhbonbon Sahne Lakritz - Liquorice & Cream Caramels - 72g stick

the best

To me this is the best item available from Liquorice Heaven. A very sophisticated sweet.

Amazing x

Was just delicious and hope you have more stock in 😊