The guide to picking the perfect liquorice gift

The Liquorice Gift Guide

How to pick the perfect liquorice

The challenge

You know someone that likes liquorice and you want to treat them to something special. The challenge is, you don’t quite know enough about exactly what sort of liquorice they like to guarantee that your choice of gift will delight them.

This is a common problem in the UK nowadays and you are far from alone. We have hand selected 150 varieties out of literally thousands of options on offer – the range of liquorice available today is bewildering.

However, fear not. We’ve written this to try and take the guesswork away and help you pick the perfect gift that shows both how thoughtful you are and make them go ‘wow!’

A note on our gifting range

Whilst our gift collection contains a curated selection of our full range that we think are particularly suited as gifts, every single product we offer can be gifted - allowing you to create the perfect liquorice surprise.

This is because we offer a free gift note with every order (and we do not include a paper invoice in the parcel).

PS If you still aren’t sure what to buy after reading this, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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Sweet or Salty?

This is THE big question to answer if you want to give them the perfect liquorice gift!

If you are lucky, they will have mentioned salty liquorice and whether they like it. Quite possibly not though!

salty liquorice

The European Classic

Salty Liquorice

That doesn't sound like them?

Sweet Liquorice

sweet liquorice

Why is this? Liquorice on the continent is typically salty rather than sweet like is traditional n the UK. On top of that, the further north in Europe you go, the saltier they like it. In the same way that salty liquorice is only recently gaining mainstream popularity in the UK, sweet liquorice is only gaining acceptance in Northern Europe!

PS If you didn’t already know, this isn’t table salt we are talking about – it is ammonium chloride. It is what provides the distinctive saltiness in salt liquorice.

Black Liquorice

If they aren’t particularly interested in chocolate or you know that they prefer liquorice without it then “black” liquorice is the way to go. If they are also chocoholics, you might be better to skip this and onto the liquorice and chocolate guide further down below.

Was salty liquorice the conclusion reached above? In that case, the chances that they’ll prefer hard liquorice (Especially if Dutch!), it is definitely the safe bet unless of course you know otherwise.

Not sure? Then these options are worth considering:

Sweet & Fruity

For the sweet stuff, a wide range exists including some fantastic fruity varieties.

From our experience, sweet liquorice fans do tend to also really like the fruity options. If you know that they are also partial to fruit gums than this is a very safe bet!

Klepper & Klepper

A premium Dutch brand with a cult following in the Netherlands – people travel miles to find it.

The liquorice is fairly soft and not something that many Dutch expats would normally go for, but these seem to be the exception to that rule.

The smoothness and flavours from the K&K range are fantastic and have proven to be a big hit with British liquorice fans that have broadened horizons from the traditional English liquorice varieties. The mild salt liquorice is also an excellent introduction to salty liquorice.

Amarelli Italian Liquorice

If your intended recipient has mentioned Italian liquorice, at that point Amarelli is a safe bet – Italians tend to prefer pure liquorice like the products that make up the core of the Amarelli range.

Being pure, it is very strong and quite bitter compared to the liquorice made in Northern Europe, it is a very different experience (and an acquired taste for many).

An advantage of the Amarelli range is that a lot of the products come in very collectable little tins (So you can take liquorice wherever you go!)

Liquorice for Chocoholics

Chocolate works really well with liquorice and a massive variety of flavour combinations are available. White, milk or dark chocolate combined with a sweet or salty liquorice and a massive array of flavour options are available (Everything from common things you’d expect like caramel or strawberry to the more unusual like saffron, mango or lime)

We’ve got a number of different artisan liquorice brands that focus on the combination of liquorice and chocolate.

The famous luxury brand

Lakrids by Bülow

View the range

Fairtrade and gluten free

Sv. Michelsen Chokolade

View The Range

Handcrafted Swedish Liquorice

Heavenly by Schöttinger

View the range

Luxury Icelandic Liquorice

Sambó Lakkris

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For the adventurous foodie

This is where Haupt Lakrits steps in. We could have put them in the chocolate and liquorice section (For some of the products at least) but they are known for more than that!

Based near Copenhagen, Sweden they focus on small and single batch artisan liquorice. Single batch means that they literally only make one lot and when it is gone, that is it. It brings a whole new meaning to ‘Limited edition’ and means that you can guarantee that you will be gifting something unique.

Small batch Swedish Liquorice

Haupt Lakrits

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For the keen cooks & Bakers

If they love spending time creating masterpieces in the kitchen it could also be worth considering liquorice cooking ingredients.

all the essential liquorice

Chefs Ingredients