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Salmiak/Salty Liquorice


    We have over 70 varieties of the finest Dutch, Swedish and Danish salty liquorice (Salmiak drop. saltlakrits, saltlakrids) in stock from the mild to the world's saltiest.

    If you are not familiar with salmiak salt, scroll down for our overview.

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    About Salty Liquorice

    Rather than ‘table salt’ the salt usually associated with liquorice is ‘salmiak salt’.

    Salmiak salt is actually Ammonium Chloride. It gives salty liquorice an astringent, salty taste akin to that of tannins - a characteristic of red wines, which adds both bitterness and astringency to the flavour. Consuming salmiak liquorice can stimulate either a savoury or non-savoury palate and response. It also has a very distinctive smell!

    We stock a range from very mildly salty liquorice that is perfect as an introduction, to the worlds saltiest liquorice treats

    Salty Liquorice Gifts

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