Liquorice day UK - April 12th

Liquorice Day Gift Box - Celebrate April 12th

Discover all the liquorice you could want to eat this Liquorice Day, on April 12!

Taste some of the Haupt Lakrits range's favourites and some that have never before appeared on the market. Take a look, satisfy your salt cravings and order today before it runs out of stock.

The Liquorice day gif box contains:

Yallapeño Lime (250g) Salted liquorice with white chocolate, jalapeño, lime and pineapple mint

Stay Crunchy (180g) Crispy malt balls with milk chocolate and salmiak powder

Banana Nostalgia (50g) Liquorice caramels flavoured with banana, caramel and salmiak.

Lady Marmalade (48g) White chocolate praline with salmiak salted raspberry marmalade, liquorice and freeze-dried raspberries

Mint Condition (37g) Liquorice, salmiak and mint cream with salt liquorice

Salmiak powder (21g) liquorice powder flavoured with salmiak and granulated sugar

Tattoo sheet with 13 different rubs


Liquorice Day gift box

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