Fruity Liquorice Sweets | Free UK Delivery when you spend £20

Fruity Liquorice

We have handpicked and imported a selection of the finest fruity liquorice sweets. 

Having extensively taste-tested offerings from many Dutch, Danish and Swedish liquorice producers we are confident that you will be getting the best fruity liquorice sweets in the UK.


Not sure which fruity liquorice to choose? 

We have a few recommendations for you.....

  • If you like fruit gums, Neon guppies are the way forward - half fruit, half sweet liquorice.
  • For fans of foam sweets, Farm mix and Drop Beren make great choices as do the Ape/Monkey heads (Assuming you are a fan of banana flavoured sweets!)
  • If you like Belgian Chocolate and indulgence, any of the Lakrid by Bulow offerings from Denmark are a great choice. Lakrids liquorice B – passion fruit and chocolate liquorice is available all year round and Lakrids 'Gold' edition (Only available at Christmas!) combines the sweetness of white chocolate and the tartness of beautiful pink raspberries.

Is this liquorice a gift? 

We offer the option to include a personalised gift message with every order, free of charge.

To include a message, just write what you want included in the note in the gift message section in the shopping basket.

We will then include a written note in the box with the liquorice sweets (and no receipt!) - it is as simple as that!

Packaging & Delivery

Free UK Delivery when you spend £20. International shipping available.

We send all of our liquorice sweets out in boxes, to ensure they arrive undamaged and in pristine condition on arrival. Wherever possible, our liquorice is shipped in letterbox friendly packaging. 

The majority of our postal packaging is made from recycled materials and 100% of it is recyclable. Once you have received your liquorice, we encourage you to help us protect the planet by recycling it.

For freshness, the sweets themselves are wrapped in food-safe vegetable-based plastic which is biodegradable, as are the labels. Once you have finished enjoying your liquorice, please dispose of in the same way as you deal with your waste vegetable matter.

Our Liquorice Selection Process

We have extensively taste-tested offerings from a very large number of liquorice producers and have picked the best liquorice offerings available from them.

This gives us confidence that if you buy from us, you will be getting the best liquorice for sale online in the UK.