Joris sweets - range expansion

Joris Sweets - Traditional Belgian Confectionary

We have stocked Joris Belgas rounds and Zout for a year now and have been wanting to expand the range. A partner in Europe ceasing trading turned out to be the perfect opportunity.

They don’t have a weak product in the range and given requests from our Belgian liquorice lovers, we thought we would stock more than the just the liquorice products.

We now stock the majority of the Joris Sweets range – more than any other retailer in the UK or USA.

Joris sweets - traditional van

About Joris

Joris was founded in Belgium almost 100 years ago by confectioner Joris Van den Driessche and is steeped in tradition. Much of the range is both free from allergens and vegan friendly.

Joris sweets - drying table

Traditional methods

Joris is one of the few businesses that still uses real acacia gum as one of its basic ingredients. Acacia gum is a great binding agent, but also very expensive. Acacia gum has the benefits of not being sticky, easily dissolving in the mouth and being low in calories compared to starches used in other liquorice.
Hard gums are washed in a steam bath after air drying for a week. This gives them a beautiful shine without the need for animal-derived washes. Joris Sweets is the only confectioner in Europe that still uses this traditional technique.

You can find the Joris Sweets range here.

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