Presenting the ultimate luxury liquorice selection box - From Danish Chocolatier Sv Michelsen

Presenting the ultimate luxury liquorice selection box

From Danish chocolatier Sv. Michelsen Chokolade.

The Ultimate liquorice selection box. Danish Lakrids dragees, chocolates & truffles

 The Sv. Michelsen Large Crown Selection Box

This stunning double layered crown box is filled with 42 handmade, gluten-free, Fairtrade luxury chocolates & truffles plus 45 chocolate coated liquorice dragées. The contents weigh a combined 620g so should last a while!

The perfect gift for any liquorice lover (Or a generous, sharing partner that doesn’t like liquorice *wink wink*)

The box is available in two different colours - so no matter who needs a gift, you will find one for every taste. Choose between black and cream.

Fairtrade, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Please note that the contents change occasionally to include seasonal varieties. 

Danish Lakrids Dragees - Sv Michelsen

Chocolate Coated Liquorice Dragées

CARAMELISED WHITE CHOCOLATE Shiny balls of smooth caramelised white chocolate wrapped around mild sweet liquorice.

MILK CHOCOLATE DUSTED IN SALMIAK - Rich & smooth milk chocolate dusted with salmiak wrapped around a liquorice core

WHITE CHOCOLATE, SALMIAK & SEA SALT – A jet black smooth shell covers smooth milk chocolate infused with very fine sea salt & a sweet liquorice core

Danish Lakrids - handmade & Fairtrade

Filled Chocolate

ORANGE NOUGAT - Nougat with a hint of orange coated with orange chocolate

LIQUORICE TRUFFLE - Creamy liquorice truffle with white chocolate

PURE MARZIPAN - Pure marzipan coated with dark chocolate

RASPBERRY - Marzipan with raspberries coated with white and dark chocolate

CARAMEL SOFT - Caramel with dark chocolate

NOUGAT MARZIPAN - Marzipan and soft nougat coated with cream and dark chocolate

DARK NOUGAT - Pure solid nougat with cream chocolate

CRUNCHY NOUGAT - Crunchy nougat with toasted hazelnut coated with cream and dark chocolate

CITRUS SEA BUCKTHORN - Marzipan with sea buckthorn and citrus fruit coated with dark chocolate

Sv Michelsen Danish LAkrids Truffleds

Truffle Balls

CARAMEL - Caramel truffle in cream and dark chocolate with crunch

PASSION AND COCONUT - Truffle ball with coconut, passion fruit, white and dark chocolate

LIQUORICE - Truffle ball with liquorice in white and dark chocolate

ORANGE - Soft truffle with orange in dark chocolate

NOUGAT - Truffle ball with nougat of roasted hazelnuts in cream and dark chocolate

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