Lakrids by bulow winter limited editions. UK stockist with same day dispatch.

Now in Stock: Lakrids By Bulow Winter limited editions part 2

The second half of Lakrids by Bülow limited edition winter range is now available and in stock, with same day dispatch from our UK warehouse.

Lakrids Christmas Butter Cookie

Lakrids By Bulow Christmas Butter Cookie - UK Stockist


One of Lakrids most popular winter limited editions makes a return for 2022.

Lakrids Christmas Butter Cookie combines the spicy, warm notes of cinnamon with caramelised white chocolate and crunchy butter caramel, with sweet liquorice at the centre.

Lakrids Frozen - Crispy Mint

Lakrids By Bulow Frozen - Crispy Mint

In place of last year’s Snowball, this winter Lakrids by Bülow has introduced Frozen – Crispy Mint.

Crispy Mint was an extremely popular limited edition about a year ago and whilst we mourn the loss of Snowball we love this!

Frozen has a core of sweet liquorice, covered in soft milk chocolate with a hint of mint. It’s then covered in a satisfyingly crunchy shell of crispy white sparkling sugar.

Lakrids Bundle Special Offers

Lakrids By Bulow - UK Stockist - Special Offers - Bundle Discounts

As with previous years, we have added our exclusive bundles for those that want a few jars and to save a few pennies. Check out our Small All Winter and Regular All Winter bundles that form part of our special offers.

Lakrids by Bülow 2022 Advent Calendar

Lakrids by Bulow 2022 Liquorice Advent Calendar - Official UK Stockist & Retailer


We still have some available but please be warned that stock is limited this year (We are working to obtain more but it is not guaranteed that we can at this stage). If you would like to be certain of having a Lakrids by Bülow Advent calendar this December, we suggest not delaying your purchase. Be sure to check out the rest of our liquorice advent calendar range - we have multiple UK exclusives and one of them might tickle your fancy.

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