New: Swedish Salt liquorice from Grahns Konfektyr

New: Swedish Salt liquorice from Grahns Konfektyr

Grahns Konfektyr

Philip Grahn began making caramels and lollipops at home in his kitchen in 1949. Since then, the company has steadily grown and now has nearly 70 staff working to make confectionery in Skövde, Sweden.

Grahns Konfektyr products are extremely well known in Sweden and the "Pit stop" range thoughout the Nordic region.

We have added the top three liquorice products to our range:

Pit Stop Salty Wheels

Pit Stop Salty Wheels

Grahns ‘pit stop wheels’ are a super salty, extra strong liquorice treat shaped like car tyres dusted in fine sugar. These chewy liquorice wheels are one of Grahns most famous products. Gluten-free.

Grahns Dödskalle Pepprad

Dödskalle Pepprad

Grahns Pepper Skulls are hard boiled liquorice candies in the shape of a skull with an ammonium & liquorice powder filling. More than a little like Turkish Pepper in a cool shape! Gluten free and vegan friendly.

Grahns Salty Bananas – Hard Liquorice Foam Gums

Salta Bananer

Grahns Sugar Salty Bananas are sugar coated hard foam gums. Salty liquorice with an aftertaste of camarelised / smoked banana. A very unusual treat!

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