New: MEENK Traditional Dutch Drop

New: MEENK Traditional Dutch Drop

Meenk Traditional Dutch Liquorice

Due to customer requests, we have added five products from the Meenk range.

MEENK was established in 1900 and this traditional Dutch liquorice is manufactured in the old Dutch town of Winschoten using the best ingredients and traditional techniques.

Dutch honingdrop beehive liquorice


Meenk Honingdrop are classic Dutch honeycomb (honingraat) shaped liquorice sweetened with real honey. They are medium soft and chewy. The taste is primarily of honey with a liquorice aftertaste, the opposite of our existing honingdrop.

Dubbel Zoute Driehoekjes Liquorice

Dubbel Zoute Driehoekjes

These double salt liquorice triangles are medium hard and perfect for sucking on. This traditional Dutch liquorice is perfect if you have a sore throat or if you just like strong salmiak liquorice (6.8%)

Geveltjes drop - dutch house liquorice

Geveltjes drop

Geveltjes drop are sweet, soft (a d Slightly gummy) liquorice with a salmiak flavour in the shape of an old Dutch canal front house.

Bisal drop – Triple Salt

Bisal drop – Triple Salt

With 14% salmiak content this Dutch triple salt drop is about as salty as you’ll find. These round hard discs have the word ‘Bisal’ on them and have a very firm bite. The salty taste becomes more intense the longer you chew or suck. For salty liquorice fans only!

Nostalgie Drop Liquorice

Nostalgie drop

Sweet traditional Dutch liquorice with a slight bite that comes in nostalgic shapes such as bicycles, milk churns and coal scuttles.


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