New: Lakritsfabriken - Premium Swedish Liquorice

New: Lakritsfabriken - Premium Swedish Liquorice

We are pleased to announce that we are now official UK retailers of Lakritsfabriken – producers of premium Swedish liquorice.

About Lakritsfabriken

Lakritsfabriken (The Liquorice Factory) launched Sweden's first premium black liquorice at the Liquorice Festival in Stockholm in 2011 by Martin Jörgensen.
The range has grown over time and today now includes chocolate-dipped and chocolate-coated varieties as well as including spice mixes and liquorice cooking ingredients.

Over the years, Lakritsfabriken has also won a number of awards for its various products. Today, Lakritsfabriken is one of the Nordic region's most highly regarded liquorice brands.

Lakritsfabriken - Vegan and gluten free premium black liquorice from Sweden

Black Liquorice – Vegan and Gluten Free

These are the original products from Lakritsfabriken, very popular at launch back in 2011 and after years of refinement, even better now.
The range includes sweet, salty and fruity flavours in very classy (and gift worthy) boxes as well as bags.

Lakritsfabriken use premium quality ingredients and avoid additives. They use rice rather than wheat starch so the range is gluten free!

Lakritsfabriken - Premium Swedish chocolate coated liquorice

Chocolate coated Liquorice Sticks & Chocolate Dragees

We are a big fan of liquorice & chocolate (As you know from our existing range) and Lakritsfabriken brings to the table both new form factors and new flavours.
Liquorice sticks and a chocolate coating offers a fantastic texture experience.

They are already a firm favourite here at the Liquorice Heaven HQ.

Lakritsfabriken - premium Swedish liquorice Cooking Ingredients

Cooking Ingredients

Martin Jörgensen has always been a big advocate of liquorice as a spice to use in the kitchen and has helped popularise its use throughout Sweden with the help of the country’s top chefs and restaurants.

This success has led to Lakritsfabriken offering a range of liquorice cooking ingredients including powders, syrups and other liquorice infused products. We are also big fans of using liquorice in the kitchen so the range is now available with us in the UK!

Cooking With Liquorice - Swedish Recipes


Over the years, Martin and Lakritsfabriken have worked with successful chefs and bakers to develop many innovative, tasty and simple dishes that feature liquorice.

As and when time allows, we will be translating, testing and publishing these on our website. We’ve already published four recipes to give a little hint of what you’ll see over the coming months. You can find them in our recipe section

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