New: Joris - Belgas & More

New: Joris - Belgas & More

Joris Belgas (and a few more products from the Joris range) are now in stock. If you are a Joris fan but don’t see the product you like, then please let us know!

Based in Belgium, Joris uses traditional methods and is one of the few businesses that still uses real acacia gum as one of its basic ingredients. Acacia gum is a great binding agent, but also very expensive. Acacia has the benefits of not being sticky, easily dissolving in the mouth and being low in calories compared to starches used in other liquorice.

Two of the products we have included include NO LIQUORICE but…. They tend to be on offer in traditional drop shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, so it felt only right that we followed suit.

Belgas rounds

Joris Belgas are famous hard & chewy sweet liquorice rounds. Made with acacia gum and traditional methods for a clean liquorice flavour. Vegan & allergen free


Joris Zout are hard single salt liquorice gums. Again, these are very clean flavoured and allergen free due to the use of acacia gum.


Joris Anijsgom are oft & chewy sugar-coated anise flavoured gums from premium Belgian manufacturer Joris. Please note: This product contains no liquorice.


Joris Gember are Sugar frosted soft gummy sweet squares with a real ginger taste. Please note: This product contains no liquorice.


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