New: Haupt Lakrits slow cooked & matured Calabrian liquorice

New: Haupt Lakrits slow cooked & matured Calabrian liquorice

Like many of our customers, we have lamented the loss of the Lakrids by Bülow slow cooked range.

Thankfully, Christian Haupt has answered out prayers with an absolutely stunning new product.

We are very pleased to present Haupt Lakrits 'Hommage' to Tore Wretman

These are slow cooked and air dried salt liquorice boats flavoured with 9% raw liquorice from Calabria, Italy (The world’s finest liquorice root).

How about some liquorice boats with a glass of cognac? With this flavour combination, the progenitor of modern Swedish gastronomy, Tore Wretman, rounded off his working days at Operkällaren. We are sure he would approve if you did the same! 

You can find these slow cooked liquorice treats here.

Haupt Lakrits 'Hommage' Tore Wretman – Slow Cooked Calabrian Liquorice - slow cooked lakrids

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