New: Haupt Lakrits 2022 Liquorice Advent Calendar & Winter Limited Editions

New: Haupt Lakrits 2022 Liquorice Advent Calendar & Winter Limited Editions

Haupt Lakrits have been on an absolute roll this year. New product releases every month and every single one has been a winner.

The winter editions have now arrived (The calendar available for pre-order but shipping very soon) and we are impressed.

Haupt Lakrits Advent Calendar

Haupt LAkrits - Swedish Liquorice Advent Calendar

Haupt fans will know that Christian Haupt has a sense of humour and likes to do things a little differently. This comes through in this year’s calendar – he has added an extra two days to the calendar because he figured we all struggle to wait until the 1st of December so with 26 windows we can start on the 29th of November.

This year’s calendar also contains 90g more sweets than last year's.

Haupt is known for salt liquorice so unsurprisingly, 75% of the liquorice inside are salty liquorice varieties. The remainder are a little sweet plus one sour and one really hot! 14 of the flavours are currently only available in the calendar.

With the purchase you also get a free Gottegrisens Julsaga sticker book and an uber-delicious tote bag (value £5).

This is definitely the advent calendar to go for if you are a big salty liquorice fan, a Haupt Lakrits follower. Liquorice Heaven is the only UK stockist so we’d also class these as hard to find!

You can find the Haupt Lakrits advent calendar here alongside the full range of 2022 liquorice advent calendars

Orange is the new black

Haupt Lakrits - A Thing for Gingers - Swedish Luxury Liquorice - Christmas limited edition

Orange is The New Black has a salt liquorice core surrounded by orange crunch chocolate and a salmiak-salted grapefruit flavour.

Chocolate oranges can step aside this winter for liquorice fans! These are very, very good – we have been hankering for a liquorice & chocolate orange combination for a long while and these definitely hit the spot.

A Thing for Gingers

A Thing For Gingers - Haupt Lakrits Christmas limited edition - Premium Swedish Liquorice

A Thing For Gingers is salted liquorice with milk chocolate and gingerbread crumble. The combination of liquorice and gingerbread works extremely well together, especially with a glass of mulled wine!

Haupt Lakrits - Merry Pigmas Bundle

If you like the sound of the Christmas limited editions, why not stock up and save a few pennies? - This Haupt Lakrits winter edition bundle contains two jars of each. You can find it here.

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