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Did you know that we offer a free gift note service with every order?

How to include a gift note

Just write what you want included in the note in the gift message section in the shopping basket. We will then include a written note in the box (and no receipt!) - it is a simple as that. 

Which liquorice gift to pick?

We know that liquorice sweets make the perfect gift for any liquorice lover and we only offer the best liquorice available.

If you are not sure what to order, the Lakrids by Bülow range is an extremely popular choice for anyone that is also a fan of fine chocolate and as a bonus the range is gluten free.

Alternatively we cover pretty much every angle with our bagged liquorice, whether they like sweet, fruity, or salty/salmiak liquorice. If you know they like Salmiak liquorice then we'd suggest picking from that range, if not then fruity liquoirce is always a safe bet (Particularly Neon Guppies), with sweet liquorice just behind it (School Chalks are always a winner).

We always post our liquorice in a nice box and use letterbox friendly packaging wherever possible. 


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