Lakrids Classic Caramel & Crispy Raspberry + 2023 Advent Calendar

Lakrids Classic Caramel & Crispy Raspberry + 2023 Advent Calendar

Lakrids by Bülow Classic Caramel & Crispy Raspberry are now in stock

The seasonal favourite limited editions from Lakrids by Bülow are now back in stock! We have the extra-large 550g jars in stock including the half & half jar for the first time.

Classic Caramel - Lakrids by Bulow

Classic Caramel: It is hard to imagine a more winning combination than when sweet liquorice meets soft dulce chocolate. Now add a grain of crispy flakes of sea salt just to tickle your taste buds. No wonder this became a true classic.

Crispy Raspberry

Crispy Raspberry unites the deep sweetness of white chocolate with fresh pink raspberries and a hint of strawberry to enhance the red notes. Bite into a core of sweet liquorice spun in white chocolate and fruity notes from small flakes of raspberries. All surrounded by a crispy red sugar shell.

Lakrids Liquorice & Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Lakrids by Bülow 2023 liquorice advent calendar is also now available to pre-order (Shipping expected to commence from late September). Stocks are limited so we suggest ordering sooner rather than later if you fancy this famous Danish liquorice treat. Why not treat yourself to a bit of liquorice luxury this Christmas?

Lakrids by Bulow 2023 Liquorice Advent Calendar


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