Lakrids by Bulow Classic and Gold -Chocolate coated liquorice

Lakrids Classic & Golden are back for 2022 + Advent Calendar Pre-order

Lakrids by Bülow Classic & Gold Now In Stock!


The seasonal favourite limited editions from Lakrids by Bülow are now back in stock! For the first time, we are have the extra-large 550g jars in stock as well as bundle discounts for those with lots of mouths to feed (Or mouths that like feeding on a lot of Lakrids!)

Classic is a combination of soft sweet liquorice, silky smooth Dulce de leche chocolate for a caramel hit, and a punch from crispy sea salt flakes to tickle your taste buds.

Golden perfectly combines the sweetness of white chocolate and the tartness of beautiful pink raspberries with delicious sweet liquorice – all rolled in gold, to brighten this dark season.

Lakrids by Bulow Winter. Classic and Golden. UK stockist 

Lakrids Liquorice & Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Lakrids by Bülow advent calendar is also now available to pre-order (Deliveries expected from late September). Stocks are limited so we suggest ordering sooner rather than later if you fancy this famous Danish liquorice treat.

Why not treat yourself to a bit of liquorice luxury this Christmas?

 Lakrids by Bulow Liquorice Advent Calendar


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