Introducing Lakrids by Bülow BÆRRIES-News

Introducing Lakrids by Bülow BÆRRIES

Lakrids BÆRRIES are now available! 🧡💜

The super popular Sea Buckthorn and Wild Blueberry are back! - A firm favourite with Lakrids by Bülow fans.

Try the sweet taste of the wild blueberries that appear on the forest floor as well as the tangy and citrusy flavour from sea buckthorn, which turns the bushes along the Nordic coast into a wildfire of colour.

As always, available with same day shipping from our UK warehouse and free UK delivery when you spend £20! - The best value Lakrids in the country.

You can find them in our Lakrids limited edition collection 



Lakrids by Bülow BÆRRIES - Sea Buckthorn and Wild Blueberry - UK Stock

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