Introducing Heavenly by Schöttinger - Luxury handcrafted Swedish chocolate coated liquorice balls

Introducing Heavenly by Schöttinger

Schöttinger has been one of the leading Swedish brands of almond and chocolate confectionery since 1992.

Henrik Schöttinger founded the luxury confectionary brand "Heavenly by Schöttinger" in 2016, taking full advantage of the expertise gained with marzipan & chocolate over the last 20+ years.

Each batch is handcrafted and unique - the chocolate-coated liquorice balls do not always look exactly the same, which is also part of the charm. Schöttinger uses only the best quality Belgian chocolate with a high cocoa content. 

Whilst most of the products are oriented around almonds, they have some interesting and tasty liquorice varieties and we decided to stock them. Please do let us know what you think!

You can find the range here 

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