Haribo Liquorice - UK Stock including Color-rado

Introducing Haribo Liquorice

Here at Liquorice Heaven HQ a couple of us have a bit of a love for Haribo as well as being liquorice buffs.

After much discussion off the back of customer requests, we are pleased to announce that we have added (Some) of the Haribo liquorice product range to our website. We have focussed initially on what seem to be the hardest to find in the UK that are also the most popular in Europe.

Many more varieties do exist so please do get in touch if your favourite isn’t represented and we will see what we can do!

You can find our Haribo range here.


Haribo Color-rado liquorice mix - uk Stock

Haribo Color-Rado is by far the most popular liquorice sweet mix in the Haribo product range and the most requested. There is a little bit for everyone – from regular fruit gums to foam-gummy combinations to liquorice. This mix is super popular in Europe and is the Haribo equivalent of liquorice allsorts.



Haribo Piratos - salty Danish Liquorice coinsHaribo Piratos were invented in Denmark and introduced in 1955. Based on Scandinavian traditional salty liquorice they are still produced in Haribo's Danish factory. The product is still very popular in Denmark and available in almost every supermarket, store, gas station, cinema, and in vending machines.

Lovely double salt chewy liquorice. A favourite at Liquorice Heaven HQ.


Haribo Viola - german Liquorice - UK Stockist

Haribo Viola are a German sweet shop classic. A violet blossom oil flavoured sugar coating surrounds a soft & chewy violet flavoured liquorice core.



Haribo Rotella (Liquorice wheels) favourite have long been a cult product in the Haribo range and are a must for every liquorice lover. These are our first liquorice wheels and have the traditional sweet shop liquorice taste.

Gekleurd Drop

Haribo Gekleurd (Colourful) Drop Mix

Haribo Gekleurd (Colourful) Drop Mix is Haribos most popular Dutch liquorice mix, containing a range of mild salt liquorice including gums and fruity flavours.

Salty Likes

Haribo Salty Likes are mix

Haribo Salty Likes are mix of mild and medium salt liquorice mix with a sugar coating. Some are soft and gummy, others have a slightly firmer bite. A Danish & German Favourite!

Salta Nappar

Haribo Salta Nappar (salty pacifiers) liquorice

Haribo Salta Nappar (salty pacifiers) are small, soft & chewy salt liquorice gummy style dummies. These are particularly popular in Sweden and Denmark.

These were the first product that Haribo launched in Sweden, way back in 1961. Pacifiers are now synonymous with the HARIBO brand worldwide.


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