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New Website and branding

Welcome to the new look Liquorice Heaven website!

Andrew (Liese and Guys tech/web/marketing person), has been busy updating the website to set the business up for a successful future selling liquorice on the internet. 

After 7 years, the previous design was in need of a refresh. Not one to miss an opportunity, Andrew took advantage and has worked with Liese and Guys to add some exciting new features:

  • Automatically offering free postage to UK customers that spend over a certain (Realistically achievable) amount.
  • The ability to subscribe and save – rewarding our regular customers
  • Offering international shipping options with pricing in the most popular currencies
  • Email newsletter subscriptions so we can let our customers know about new product releases and exclusive liquorice offers.
  • A few liquorice free products for those that haven't been converted yet

We hope you like the new look and features. We also have more exciting ideas in the pipeline so be sure to check back regularly!

An image of the old website for posterity

Old website


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