New: Malaco Skippers Pipes + Gott & Blandat Salt Mix

New: Malaco Skippers Pipes + Gott & Blandat Salt Mix

Malaco Skippers pipes

Sea Salt Skippers Pipes

These aren’t the common garden pink tops… From Swedish Liquorice brand Malaco, we present the sea-salt variant.

Despite being immensely popular in Europe these yellow top sweets are very hard to find in the UK, we’ve not seen them in any sweet shops ourselves. Let us know if you want us to add the more common pink ones to our range….

Malaco Gott & Blandat Salt Mix

Gott & Blandat Salt Mix

These salty wine gums from Malaco are a customer request but we can’t stop eating them!

These Swedish treats are a combination of salty liquorice and slightly sour fruit gums dusted with salmiak salt & sugar.

About Malaco

The name Malaco comes from the initial letters of 'Malmö Lakrits Compani' – a company that was founded in 1934 and was Sweden’s first liquorice manufacturer.

Malaco is an extremely well known brand in both Sweden and wider Scandinavia. The Skippers Pipes are found in many traditional English sweetshops and often mistaken for being English liquorice!

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