New: Franssons Konfektyrer - Traditional Swedish Sweets

New: Franssons Konfektyrer - Traditional Gluten Free Swedish Sweets

Franssons Confectionery - Swedish Candy

Franssons Konfektyrer AB is a family run business established in 1965 by Alf Fransson. The Toad shaped boiled sweets are a common sight in traditional sweetshops throughout Sweden.

They are based in the picturesque small town of Gränna on the eastern shore of Lake Vättern, Sweden. Today, the traditional candy factory is run by son Stefan Fransson and his lovely staff. The range is gluten free.

We have picked four of the most well-known varieties:

Franssons hallon lakrits svampar

Hallon lakrits svampar

Franssons hallon lakrits svampar are small, soft mushrooms made from fruit foam with a flavour of mild salt liquorice, mallow and raspberry. A delicious Swedish treat...

Franssons Hallonsalta 


Franssons Hallonsalta are small & delicious raspberry flavoured hard boiled sweets with a taste of salmiak (Ammonium Chloride).

Padda Banan/Saltlakrits

Padda Banan/Saltlakrits

Franssons Salty Banana Toads - Delicious hard-boiled sweets in the shape of toads. Banana flavoured sweets with salmiak (Ammonium Chloride) - no liquorice but a nice ammonia taste.

Salty Caramel Padda - Franssons caramel toads

Salty Caramel Padda

Franssons Caramel Toads – the salmiak caramel equivalent of the banana ones. Again, these are free of liquorice.


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