Sambó Lakkris - Luxury Icelandic Chocolate Coated Liquorice

Luxury Icelandic Chocolate Coated Liquorice

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Sambó Lakkris is a family owned chocolate and liquorice confectionary company based in Reykjavík, Iceland. With over 57 years in the industry, they are pioneers of fusing the best liquorice and chocolate in the world.

They are well known in their home country for the liquorice they produce using a recipe they perfected over 50 years ago.

Þristur from Sambó is one of the most popular liquorice & chocolate treats in Iceland. This is with good reason! The English translation of the product name is "Three" and it relates to the component this product has. A soft caramel cream toffee with pieces of soft sweet Icelandic black liquorice which is then covered by its third part: delicious Belgian milk chocolate. If you love liquorice and chocolate you have to try these.

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