Introducing Sv. Michelsen Chokolade - Danish Liquorice dragee

Introducing Sv. Michelsen Chokolade

Founded in 1933, Sv. Michelsen is a well-known premium chocolatier in its home country of Denmark. They pride themselves on the quality and source of ingredients as well as keeping to the original handmade ethos and have earned the right to display the Danish Royal Arms for doing so.

We are the first retailer to bring these products to the UK market and it means that we now have both raspberry and strawberry chocolate coated liquorice balls available all year round! 

Sv. Michelsen majors on its chocolate and flavourings so if that is your thing, please do take a look!

All products are fair trade and gluten free.

You can find out more here


Sv Michelsen Danish liquorice and chocolate balls

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