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New Limited Editions From Haupt Lakrits Now In Stock

Haupt Lakrits has kicked off 2023 with no less than five new products!

Haupt Lakrits Liquorice - Fettisdagsbollar


This single batch limited edition is inspired by semla, a cardamom-spiced wheat bun filled with a mix of milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. It is associated with Lent and Shrove Tuesday ("Fettisdags") in most Nordic countries.

Fettisdagsbollar consists of a salt liquorice core surrounded by a coating of sweet white chocolate, almond paste and cardamom.

This product first appeared for last Shrove Tuesday last year and proved extremely popular – we are happy to see its return! Stock is extremely limited so if you fancy a jar, please grab one whilst you can.

Haupt Lakrits Liquorice - Yu Zuck


Salted liquorice surrounded by white chocolate, grilled yuzu, salted passion fruit and a hint of Japanese peppermint.

Yu Zuck contains different varieties of citrus with an emphasis on Yuzu and passion fruit – think of a slightly bolder "lemon curd" with a taste of salt liquorice.

The flavour combination took us by surprise, it is very unlike anything that we have tried before. The smoky citrus taste really comes through. We admit that it took us a couple of balls to get our heads around itbut once we did, wow!

 Haupt Lakrits Liquorice - Bastarder


Bastarder: Svenskjävlar (Swedish Bastards) crossed with Ultra Violet – no more explanation needed!

Haupt Lakrits Liquorice - Cherry Blossom


Cherry Blossom is sweet and fruity with notes of almond paste & vanilla. Snow salt from the coral reefs around Miyakojima island takes the flavours to the next level. The flavour is definitely blossom rather than cherry.

Haupt Lakrits Liquorice - Stay Salty


Slow cooked salt liquorice with 9% raw liquorice from Calabria dusted with ammonia (Salmiak salt).

Stay Salty could be described as Svenskjävlar "light". They still have plenty of ammonia but significantly less than Svenskjävlar and also with a heavy focus on the liquorice taste. 9% raw liquorice is a lot compared to most of the products here at Liquorice Heaven and slow cooking adds another layer of depth.


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