Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! - Ya filthy animals. Haupt Lakrits Winter Liquorice range is now in stock,.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! - Ya filthy animals

Merry Christmas from Sweden! - The Haupt Lakrits winter special editions are now in stock including gift boxes, perfect for salty liquorice lovers.

They have cooked up three exciting salty liquorice treats for us which we have available either as single jars or in a very Swedish gift box. 

They are all suitable for vegetarians but not for children!

Haupt Lakrits Swedish Salty Liquorice Christmas Gifts


Salt liquorice covered in white chocolate and flavoured with saffron and lingonberry. Expect very strong flavours.


Salt liquorice surrounded by white chocolate and flavoured with gingerbread dough. This is a variant on a popular old Haupt Lakrids praline limited edition which has now been improved with real gingerbread dough. Crunchy, sticky & tasty!


Salt liquorice covered in dark milk chocolate that has been flavoured with liquorice granules and salmiak. Containing 10% raw liquorice, these balls pack a real punch. WARNING! This product contains extremely large quantities of strong pure liquorice - people suffering from high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption.

Haupt Lakrits Liquorice Gift Boxes

In addition to these jars being on offer individually, you can also get them in a gift box - the design is very Haupt Lakrits.

We also have a gift box containing Haupt Lakrits saltiest varieties, perfect for any fans of the world's saltiest liquorice.

The world's saltiest liquorice gift set

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