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Schoolkrijt (Dutch School Chalks) Soft Liquorice in a Peppermint Shell


A Danish friend introduced me to this brand and im hooked! They are just lush. The combination of liquorice and chocolate and salted caramel is sublime.

After Lakkrids these are my favourite!!

Small, salty, strong and delicious!

Super salty yummyness

Rather addictive, these certainly get the glands going! This is my third starfish order.

We are always happy to please a real salmiak fan! Have you considered the Haupt Lakrits salmiak products? They cost a little more but will likely last longer...!

Perfectly imperfect - soft and sweet!

I didn't notice the so called imperfections of these lovely Fruit Tubes with a Liquorice cover. Perhaps that's because I started eating them straight away. The taste is definitely as it should be: soft and sweet. I like them and I would order them again.

Unbelievably moreish

Once you start it’s hard to stop. Beautiful combination of dark chocolate and liquorice plus the sea salt. Sad to have finished.

Great expectations

The coating was not bad but couldn't eat too many in a row. The liquorice itself was a disappointment, very hard and rubbery. All in all, a bit of a letdown.

Great chocolate covered liquorice

Great place to buy Lakrids.


These are so good; a layered flavour experience like no other.


The combination of the fruity white chocolate around the liquorice with a little crunch from the sugar shell is amazing!

Rocking Delight!

I love these - much too much! They have just the right balance of liquorice and sweetness. My family can’t have enough of them!


These are amazing - the strawberry flavour is really intense and the mix of textures with the crispy coating, chocolate layer and then soft liquorice centre is great. My only criticism is that I wish the liquorice flavour was stronger. Didn't stop me eating them all though...


A fantastic selection of quality liquorice; delighted with my purchases.


Love liquorice, and this is my current favourite! The texture is almost like a jelly baby, and the taste is amazing

Taste from home

These are delicious. Great liquorice lover and so glad I am able to buy in the UK because sometimes you need a taste from your home country 😃.

Always excellent and delicious licorice

How to make someone happy

These were a present and all I can say is that she loved them. Forget the cheap laces we all bought as kids, these are a sweet, complex indulgence.

Good balance

Not too salty, not too sweet!

Lakrids Liquorice 1 - Sweet Liquorice

These are the best of all the gluten free options I’ve tried so far; will definitely be buying them again

Fantastic service and so tasty!

I think I may have found my new favourite sweet shop! The Drop Haringen and other liquorice I purchased were increabibly tasty, somewhat addictive and I now need to order more! Highly recommend as someone with intolerances!

A great selection to discover your favourites

This is a great mix to find out which ones you like best. For example, we like the soft Dutch liquorice the best, so now we know which ones to order next time.


A real bite to start, then the sweetness, strangely addictive!

Absolutely beautiful

These are absolutely amazing! The chocolate is nice and goes so well with the liquorice center a real sophisticated treat.

I actually saw these reviewed on YouTube back before Christmas, and kept thinking about ordering some so I was so happy when I found liquorice heaven had them and I could get them shipped from within the UK. They arrived quickly and well packaged.